Khoảnh Khắc

Video HD 12:46 min.
Vietnamese with German subtitles

It’s typical for an artist to travel. As soon as he is foreign he becomes a tourist, an art tourist perhaps. At the same time the unknown, the foreign, the strange is the matter of the artist’s analyses. Comparing it with the known, the banal, the artistic intentions become visible.

Invited to the "3rd Open Academy Viet Nam" I made a workshop at the University of Fine Arts Hué participating teachers and postgraduates.

The participants of the workshop where asked to portrait their city, the city of Hué. Stephan Kurr asked them to do that with a very defined structure: each one should chose just one location and shot a one minute scene with out any camera movement or changing focus. Everyone should chose a very personal perspective going together with the personal relation to the site.
That collage of sites was commented in the studio by each author.
These voice from the off, are the voices from the ones behind the camera. They watch together with us, locking at the scenery like a second viewer.
Asked for a title the participants of the workshop named the film: “Khoảnh Khắc“ (minute).

Dang Thi Thu An,
Ho Thi Phuong Thao,
Le Anh Tuan,
Nguyen Khai Hoan,
Nguyen Van Tan,
Phan Khanh Trang,
Phan Le Chung,
Tran Thanh Son,
Vo Quang Phat and
Vo Thi Minh Phuong
shot and edited with me the short movie.