12 Houses

12 bus stops in the city of Nuremberg

24 posters (black cardboard with wholes) displayed in the bus stops
folder with timetable and dates of horoscope

I asked an astrologist to make me a horoscope using the opening date and sight of this specific project.
I projected a sky map and the constellation of the planets onto the city map of Nuremberg. In the areas where the so-called houses of the horoscope matched with bus stops on the city map, I selected one bus stop each. The bus stops were named after the horoscope data, for example „mars in the second house“. In its showcases I placed one poster on each side. It showed the constellation of the stars of the opening night at this imagined region of the sky.
The posters were made out of cardboard with different sized hole in it, representing the stars.
There was a night bus line installed to take you around and there was a folder printed and offered in all public transportations, including the timetable of the night bus and the data of the horoscope of this specific installation.